Apple Park – Steve Jobs’ Green Campus Opens

Apple has announced that it will open its campus in early April. Almost 11 years ago, in 2006, Steve Jobs first pitched the idea of building the facility, which spans 175 acres of land. It is powered by 100% renewable energy. Approximately 75 percent of Apple Park’s electricity needs during operation will be provided by a 17 MW photovoltaic system, which will be one of the largest of its kind in the world. The investment is approximately USD 5 billion.
The building also has the largest natural ventilation in the world, and is intended to require no heating or air conditioning for nine months of the year.

In California, where ApplePark is positioned, is also the largest photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 550 MW, which is made up of 9 000 000 solar modules, and the electricity produced by them is enough to power 160 000 households.

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