String Inverters

Singlephase string inverters KACO blueplanet 3.0 TL1 – 4.6 TL1


With a line-up of 1-phase, transformerless units, KACO new energy inaugurates the new “blueplanet” solar PV inverter series.

Lift off to the highest solar yields


Newly developed, and constructed from scratch, the blueplanet TL1 fulfil each and every requirement you should expect of modern solar PV inverters for use in residential PV systems:

they are light and quickly installed

all essential technical features are included in the price

reliable operation and yields are guaranteed

The thoughtfully differentiated output of the five blueplanet TL1 ranges from 3.0 to 4.6 kW (AC), so that even operators of the smallest PV systems will find the right inverter. The designation of the inverters reflects the AC power.

A wide voltage range allows for a multitude of string designs. Having 2 MPP trackers, each of which can process the whole AC power, the inverters make system lay-out a breeze (blueplanet 3.0 TL1 also available with 1 MPPT). Angled roofs or sub-arrays with different orientations? No problem for the flexible blueplanet TL1 inverters.

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