Motto Engineering offers small wind turbines with horizontal and vertical axes which are entirely suitable for autonomous power supplies and unregulated regions. They can complement the photovoltaic systems, turning them into hybrids.
Depending on the location and its geographical features, the wind turbines provide a unique opportunity for diversification of the acquired energy and additional power autonomy.
Using the principles of electromagnetism, the wind generator captures the kinetic energy of the air flow and converts the mechanical movement (rotation) of the rotor into AC electricity.
Power generation from the wind flow is anideal way for increased and optimized use of the renewable resources potential in our environment. The advantages characterizing this production are perfectly proved and suited to power houses, farms, farm equipment and road machines.

Wind turbines that we offer are:
– simple and reliable in their design;
– equipped with charge controller that converts energy from the generator and prevents battery from overcharging;
– equipped with powerful permanent magnets and a special design of the magnetic core;
– designed with blades, which combining high mechanical strength and low noise levels;
– treated with two special anti-corrosion & protective layers.

Vertical axis wind turbines are suitable for installation on buildings and structures.

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