Investor: Tonev and Tirolski ltd.
Plant size: 99,30 kWp
Assembly Racks: Static
Solar panels: Microcrystalline, made by Sharp
Inverters: Fronius IG plus 150/120
Location:  Karanovo, Aitos Municipality
Services: Delivery of equipment, mounting of power station.
Stage: Finished.

Description: In the construction of photovoltaic plants was used four inverter Fronius IG plus 150, 4 inverter Fronius IG plus 120, 448 photovoltaic modules Sharp Na-F 121Wp PV modules and 392 Sharp Na-F 115 Wp. The connecting modules into strings was performed using 6500 m solar cable. The connection between the inverters and power substation which was built for the power plant is via alluminium cable 4x120mm2. The developed monitoring system enables real-time monitoring of each inverter, and the proper management and control of the plant.