Bramac PV-InDaX 235 Wp for roof-integrated PV system


Bramac PV-InDaX 235 Wp за интегрирана система в покрива | photovoltaic panels for installation in roofs. Solar panel roof vgrazhdanev. Photovoltaic panels Bramac PV-InDaX 235 Wp integrated system covering design and construction of photovoltaic systems and solar parks



·        Photovoltaic module Bramac PV-InDaX 235 Wp for roof-integrated PV system

·         Producer: Bramac Solar

·         Technology: Polycrystalline

·         Power: 235Wp

·         Voltage at max. power: 29.80V

·         Current at max. power: 7.98A

·         Voltage at open circuit: 36.64V

.       Module dimensions: 1769×999 mm

.         Installed module’s visible part dimentions: 1705×999 mm

.         Weight: 21,5kg

.         Square meter weight: 12,1kg

–         Warranty: 10 Years

–         Description:

PV series of Bramac Solar – InDaX for integration is made of high quality polycrystalline modules and is intended to be perfectly integrated into the roof. The system replaces the protective function of the roof cover, it has excellent appearance and produces ecological electricity from the sun.

Bramac InDax meets all the requirements for fire resistance, ventilation and waterproofing. Security against penetration of rain has been tested in the wind tunnel.  It is proved that under the most harsh conditions, the  system complies fully its protective function of the roof cover.

Photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof are suitable for both new build and refurbishment. They are characterized by a fast, easy, reliable installation and positive power tolerance -0 W +4.99 W.

The price includes a part of the structure, which fixes the module and contributes to its integration into the roof.

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