Hybrid Power System – 1.15 kWp + 2kW wind generator, 675 Ah, 24 V / 230 V


Off-grid solar systems are suitable for areas without mains. Independence by the electricity companies and the public service.


  · Nominal Power: 1,15 kWp + 2kW
  · Solar panels: ITS Eco Plus 230 Wp
  · Inverter: Victron Phoenix 24V 3000 VA
· Description:
Hybrid system for off-grid power supply. The the solar system will produce an average of 5.5 kWh per day during the sunny months and an average of 2 kWh per day during the winter. The wind generator  with a rated power of 2 kW has an optimal output by wind speed of 10 m/s. Depending on the specific location and thw wind conditions, the yield varies as much as up to 48 kWh per day. The battery unit stores 16.2 kWh.
The offer also includes a complete set of:
– 5 pcs photovoltaic panels: EcoFocus 230Wp of Innotech Solar, manufactured in Sweden warranty: 12 years, Dimensions: 1665 x 991 x 43mm, weight: 22 kg;
– 1 pcs charge controller Соларен Контролер Phocos CX 40A 12/24V с LCD дисплей
– 12 pcs battery -Trojan T105 RE specifically designed for cycling typical of RES. Voltage: 6V, Capacity: 225Ah;
– 5 pcs SolarFix – Mounting structure for sloped profiles (aluminum profiles, studs, bolts, modular terminals);
– 50m. solar cable, 1 x 4mm2;
– Mounting material;
– Wind Turbine MAX XG 2000W, optimum range 4-14 m/s propeller diameter – 3800 mm, 9 m mast and a charge controller;
– 1 pcs off-grid inverter Victron Phoenix 24V 3000V full sine wave;
There may be variations depending on the wishes of the client.
The price includes does not design, supply and installation.
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