Photovoltaic module Bramac PV-PowerPlus 235 Wp


Photovoltaic photovoltaic Bramac PV-PowerPlus 235 Wp|
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·         Producer: Bramac Solar

·         Technology: Polycrystalline

·         Power: 235 Wp

·         Voltage at max. power: 29.76V

·         Current at max. power: 7.98A

·         Voltage at open circuit: 36.64V

.         Dimentions l/w/h: 1651x986x46 mm

.         Weight: 18,7kg


Electricity production from the sun is one of the most valuable opportunities that we have today. The conversion of solar radiation into electricity using photovoltaics spare energy resources and ensure an additional independence.

Photovoltaic series of modules Bramac – PowerPlus for roof, ground or caravan mounting offers the opportunity for the acquisition of own system for electricity production. Power Plus series is characterized by the following advantages:

– Positive power tolerance of + 3%;
– High performance solar cells with 3 – layer technology;
– High load capacity of modules – up to 6kN/m2. Withstand impact from hail with golf ball size and a speed from 120 km / h;
– High efficiency even in low light conditions.

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