Photovoltaic module Schott PROTECT ASI 100


Schott PROTECT ASI 100 Thin-film panels for producing electricity. Solar panel 100 watts. Amorphous solar panels.



·         Producer: Schott Solar

·         Technology: Thin film

·         Power: 100 Wp

·         Voltage at max. power: 30.4 V

·         Current at max. power: 3.29 A

·         Voltage at open circuit: 40.9 V

.         Dimentions l/w/h: 1308x1108x35 mm

.         Weight: 20,8kg

·         Description: 

The global German company SCHOTT Solar started developing and manufacturing components for the solar industry back in 1958. The modules fromSCHOTT PROTECT ™ ASI  series are characterized by their ability to produce energy in a wide range of climatic conditions. Yields remain high, regardless of whether the unit is operating in conditions of diffuse light, high temperatures or non-optimal angle of installation . Also, all SCHOTT modules achieve a positive tolerance of their nominal power output . In a study conducted by the Institute Fraunhofer – at the26th year themodulules still achieve over 90 % of the nominal power. SCHOTT Solar guarantees for a period of 1year from the date of delivery, that the production of the unit will be at least 97% of rated output. Based ona long and successful experience in solar technology between 2nd and 30th yeat, the  output will deteriorate with no more than 0.5% per year. The product warranty is 10 years.

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