PV Parking Lot – 1.92kWp


PV Parking 1.92kWp. Energy savings, the sale of energy to the public grid. Roof PV systems are suitable for any home


The PV parking is a flexible solution for achieving energy efficiency and  vehicle maintenance. This makes it cost effective, environmentally friendly and with fully justified surface area, due to the dual function which is performed.

Its advantages are:

– Independent power supply by 100% green energy production;
– Protection of the vehicle;
– exploitation do not require additional consumables;
– long life performance (at least 25-30 years);
– Supporting construction calculated depending on the atmospheric conditions and the particular site;
-excellent opportunity for ongrid & offgrid systems.

Offer includesand it is fullyequippedwith the following materials:

– 8 pcs. photovoltaic modules ITS Eco Focus 230Wp Polycrystalline, Warranty: 12 years.;
– 1 pcs. concrete basewithfoundations and supporting metal construction for the photovoltaic generator;
– SolarFix – Mounting construction for pitched roofs (aluminum profiles, studs, bolts,modular terminals);
– 1 pcs. inverter Victron MultiPlus  – 24V 1600VА, with 1 x AC input and 2 x AC outputs, output voltage: 230Vac ±2%;
– Battery unit  24V, 675Ah – 12pcs. Trojan T105-RE specifically designed for cyclingperformancetypical forRES, Voltage: 6V, Capacity (20Hr-Rate): 225Ah,  Weight: 30kg;
– 2pcs. solar controllersPhocos CX 12/24V, 40A with LCD display;
– 64 m. solar cable, 1 x 4mm2;
– Assembly material;
– Rooftop by Hoesch Hohenlimburg GmbHmade of metal sheets.

The price does not include delivery and installation.

They are calculated according to the location of the site.

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