PV Thermal Module Solator PVT 190Wp Mono


PV Thermal Module Solator PVT 190Wp Mono | Solar panel to produce electricity and hot water. Solar module to produce electricity and hot water. Solar panels for production of electricity. Thermo module Solator PVT 190Wp Mono Design and installation of photovoltaic systems and solar parks


·         Producer: Solator

·         Technology: Monocrystalline

·         Power: 190 Wp electrical power/500 tW thermal power

·         Voltage at max. power: 36.5 V

·         Current at max. power: 5.2 A

·         Voltage at open circuit: 45.2 V

–        Warranty: 10 years

–        Descriction:

Thermal solar panels / PVT / are used for cogeneration of electricity and hot water. The modules are with European quality of one of the leading manufacturers in the branch – Solator, Austria and they are characterized by the following properties:

– High efficiency values due to the double use of the work area;
– Uniform appearance because of its aesthetic and compact structure;
– Very good price – performance ratio;
– High electrical output due to the cooling process of the solar cells;
– There was no effect of frost or snow cover during the winter seasons;
– Made in Austria;

The combination of PV part with thermal collector leads to a significant increasing in the efficiency of the solar cells because of its cooling and the excess heat is used to provide hot water –both for household need and home heating.
The Photovoltaic thermal panels contribute for more efficient and simultaneous use of the sun’s heat and light. They are solution and combine the yield of two completely different final products, which are derived from the same work area. With a similar cogeneration could be reduced the installed PV size and can be increased the return of investments. All of this ensures quality and saves energy and money.

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