Solar Controller Phocos CXN 10A 12/24V w. LCD


Solar Controler Phocos CXN 10A 12/24V w. LCD Solar battery charger. Solar controller. Independent power supply. Solar lamp.



·         Producer: Phocos


The CXN series is a modern solar charge controller group with negative grounding. The series has not only a perfect PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation but also provides exceptional display, programming and safety features. The level of battery charge is displayed trough a bar chart. The deep discharge protection feature could be adjusted to several different modes: voltage controlled, SOC controlled or adaptive SOC controlled. Acoustic warnings are built in, as also a programmable nightlight function. The compact case design is developed for DIN rail mounting (mounting device available as an accessory).

·         Description:

           CXN series for trailers and telecommunication with ‘-‘ grounding

           System voltage: 12/24V

           Input Current: 10A

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