Solar Controller Steca Solsum 10.10F – 12/24V, 10A


Solar Controller Steca Solsum 10.10F – 12/24V, 10A Solar battery charger. Solar controller. Independent power supply. Solar lamp.



·         Description:

          This device is particularly suitable for:

           – solar home systems;

           – caravans, campers and camping applications;

           – night light systems;

           System voltage: 12/24 V

           Input current: 10 A

           Warranty: 5 years

The Steca Solsum F-Line continues the huge success of one of the most used SHS controllers.

With a power range of up to 10 A at automatically recognized 12 V or 24 V it fits to a system sizes of maximum 240 W.

The circuit board is completely electronically protected and with the LED user interface it is easy to check the battery state of charge at any time.  Large terminals guarantee a simple connection of solar panels, battery and load. The Steca Solsum F works on PWM as a low loss solar controller.


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