Solar Controller Steca Tarom 4545 – 12/24V, 45A w. LCD


Steca Tarom 4545 – 12/24V, 45A w. LCD
Solar battery charger. Solar controller. Independent power supply. Solar lamp.



·         Description:

This device is particularly suitable for:

    – applications of higher performance classes;

    – hybrid systems in which additional generators 
      are used;

   – all kinds of telecommunication applications;

   – caravans, campers and camping applications;

   – night light systems;

It has a digital display which allows different system information to be shown. The controller can transfer data using wires, telephone cable or wireless communication. It also calculates the state of charge of the battery using the AtonIC processor.

   System voltage: 12/24 V

   Input current: 45 A

   Warranty: 5 years

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