Solar Micro-Inverter system with 2 panels


Solar micro-inverter system 230Wp, sales of photovoltaic panels and micro-inverters prices.
Solar micro-inverter system provides power directly to the contact. Included is an electronic meter that measures the energy produced.


·         Power: 460Wp

·         Solar modules: ITS EcoFocus 230Wp

·         Inverters: Enecsys SMI-D480W

·         Description:

The proposed system supplies power directly to the grid of your house and in the presence of
consumption, part or all of the consumption is covered by the solar system. The system includes power meter that measures the energy produced.

 – A solar micro-system consists of one or two solar panels, micro-inverter, which converts the DC voltage of the panels to AC (230 V), electronic power meter and electric plug for connecting to your home wiring.

– The micro-system is provided ready for connection to the socket.

– The advantage of this micro system that does not require batteries, but keep in mind that it cannot be used if there is no power supply to the house.

– Production of electricity from sunlight without consumables or maintenance need.

– Annual production of electricity around 290 kWh from 1 panel and 580 kWh from 2 panels.

 – Suitable for all residential buildings and additions that have connection to the public grid.

– 2 pc. Solar panel  ITS EcoFocus 230Wp of Innotech Solar, Power: 230 Wp,
Dimensions: 1665 x 991 x 43 mm, weight: 22 kg. Made in Sweden. Warranty: ’12

– 1 pc. Microinverters Enecsys SMI-D480W – 60 – Input power 480Wp, maximum output power of 450W.
Warranty: 2 years

– 1 pc. Power meter for electrical outlet Voltcraft

– Cable with plug -3m

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