Industrial solar controller Phocos CIS 20A 12/24V


Industrial solar controller Phocos CIS 20A 12/24V Solar battery charger. Solar controller. Independent power supply. Solar lamp.


 Producer: Phocos  
By photovoltaic systems exposed to a variety of environmental conditions (street lights, navigation station and buoys, etc.) there is always a chance for damage in the power electronics. To be able to assure the normal battery charge control under such conditions, Phocos has elaborated an encapsulated anti-corrosion charge controller (IP68) to: CIS.


CIS is a charge controller specifically developed for the industry that is suitable for different practical PV applications. High-quality, 4-stage PWM-charging is combined with additional features such as: low-voltage disconnect, flexible load timer functions, and a multi-LED system status display. CIS is produced in two series:

• Dual load to independently control two loads.

• Output Dimming to save energy in lighting applications.

The controller has no moving parts, switches or buttons. The different settings: battery type, timers, deep discharge thresholds, etc. are made easily accessible via infrared remote control accessory.

All devices are connected to the controller by lead wires instead of wire terminals. This eliminates the risk of damage from external influences (corrosion, dust, water, bugs, chemicals, physical shock) where the components make electrical contact to the controller.

The highly compact aluminum corps allows for mounting CIS even inside street light poles. CIS was elaborated in accordance with the established Phocos standards integrating the latest technology with highest-quality and best possible cost/performance ratio.

The CIS group now includes the new series: the CIS-N and CIS-LED. The CIS-N and CIS-LED series have all the great functions of the original CIS series, plus the benefit of negative grounding.

The CIS-N is designed particularly for projects in the gas and oil industry, such as weather stations, remote monitoring, valve controlling, SCADA, and many others.

The CIS-LED combines three features in one: Charge controller + flexible timer + LED drivers, turning it into a perfect solution for users of solar LED street lights and solar LED lamps. 

·         Description:

          CIS series for places with high humidity and dust rate.

          Protection rate: IP 68

          System voltage: 12/24V

          Input Current: 20A

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