KACO Powador 3002


Single phase grid inverterс. Used in grid-connected systems. Feed energy into the electricity grid. Galvanic separation from the grid through a transformer.


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·         Producer: KACO New Energy

·         Technology: Galvanically Isolated String Inverter

·         Max. DC power: 3000 W

·         Max. АC power: 2500 W

·         Efficiency: 95,9 %

The inverters from the Powador 2002 to Powador 6002, with galvanic isolation, feature effortless installation, the highest degrees of efficiency, and optimum operation with thin-film modules – and make designing a PV system a piece of cake. Installation is problem-free:  All required connections for communication and fault signaling relay are located on a single circuit board in the housing and can be connected easily. Due to the new MC4 connectors, the DC wiring can be handled by a safe and simple plug connection from the outside of the unit. Thus the inverters can be installed even more quickly. The DC switch is integrated into the units as a matter of course.

They achieve an outstanding efficiency of up to 96 %. Using a Powador 02 inverter, you can build your next PV installation wherever you want: The software knows the international requirements. This helps you to quickly and easily connect your PV installation to the grid – simply select the appropriate country setting and display language during installation.

The Powador 02 series skillfully makes use of the advantages of galvanically isolated inverters. The wide input voltage range allows you to be extremely flexible in planning your PV installation. Where transformerless units are out of the question, the Powador 02 series can handle even complex PV system designs. In addition, KACO new energy offers a generator earthing kit for this series. Thin-film modules often require generator earthing for a long service life. Moreover, the inverters can display the earthing status of the PV generator – important information especially for the safe operation of thin-film modules.

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