KACO Powador XP 550 HV

three phase grid inverter. Used in grid-connected systems. Feed energy into the electricity grid.


·         Producer: KACO New Energy

·         Technology: Transformerless string inverter

·         Max. DC power: 660 000 W

·         Max. АC power: 550 000 VA

·         Efficiency: 97.5 %

The central inverters of the Powador XP series are the fi rst choice when it comes to usability and return on investment. State-of-the-art, DSP-based technology offers highest performance, reliability and efficiency. A digital interface enables user-friendly operation, maintainability and highly advanced monitoring and communication. The unique control of power electronics clearly increases the switching effi ciency of the power transistors: Depending on the input power that is currently present, one of several pulse-width modulation methods is used. This means higher levels of effi ciency and better yields. The Powador XP series guarantees highest reliability: The Powador XP200-HV and XP250-HV feature a secondary backup power supply for the control board. In addition, all Powador XP inverters are equipped with a highly effi cient cooling system for critical components. The fans are monitored and operated based on load and ambient temperature. The devices excel with a powerful, userfriendly digital interface. The “all-inclusive”concept allows convenient operation and monitoring without requiring any additional equipment. A clearly structured, large TFT LCD color touchscreen shows detailed operating data in several languages. You can also monitor your plant via the internet. This feature allows permanent monitoring of all critical components. The error tracing function reports potential error statuses of the units immediately and sends diagrams that guarantee rapid localisation of the source of the error. The Powador XP central inverters meet global standards – with just the push of a button the parameters can be adjusted to meet local rules and regulations. You can also select from a variety of menu languages independent of the country of installation. In addition, the central inverters Powador XP100-HV to XP250-HV come with a transformer and are ready for immediate use.

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